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Workshop & webinar presentations
Smart4RES Webinar series
  • Smart4RES webinar series Season Episode #5Optimizing the value of storage in power systems and electricity markets
    The presentation of our fifth Smart4RES webinar is now available!
    Download the presentation
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  • Smart4RES webinar series Season Episode #4Optimising participation of renewables generation in multiple electricity markets
    The presentation of our fourth Smart4RES webinar is now available!
    Download the presentation
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  • Smart4RES webinar series Season Episode #3 – Advanced weather forecasting for RES applications
    This episode was presented in two parts:
    – ep 3.1 deals with Smart4RES developments towards high-resolution and Numerical Weather Prediction solutions to improve RES forecasting models.
    Download the presentation Ep 3.1
    Watch the replay ep 3.1
    – ep 3.2 addresses multi-source observations to improve solar forecasting within the Smart4RES project
    Download the presentation Ep 3.2
    Watch the replay ep 3.2
  • Smart4RES webinar series Season 1 Episode #2 – Extracting value from data sharing for RES forecasting: Privacy aspects & data monetization
    With nearly 200 attendees, the presentation of our second episode is available online.
    Download the presentation
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  • Smart4RES webinar series Season 1 Episode #1 – Data science for renewable energy prediction
    With nearly 700 attendees, the presentation of our first Smart4RES webinar is now available!
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Conference & workshop presentations
  • The 3rd E.DSO Projects in the Spotlight webinar “Raising the uptake of renewables by DSOs”, 1 April 2022 (HEDNO)
    Smart4RES was one of the projects that were highlighted during this event that shed light on E.DSO members’ R&I projects addressing the challenges in distribution operation related to the sharp rise in renewables in new innovative ways which will help shape the energy sector of the future. Three projects were put under the spotlight: CoordiNetEUsysflex and Smart4RES, which, under the moderation of Marie Picut, European Affairs Policy Manager at Enedis, explained the essence of their project’s solution with regards to a scenario with high penetration of renewable energy sources.
    Download Smart4RES material
    Video recording
    Further material is available on E.DSO website 
  • Workshop on ‘Data sahring in renewable energy: experiences and incentives, 24 February 2022 (INESC TEC)
    Smart4RES was happy to contribute to the workshop organised by the European Commission/DG ENER and co-hosted by EUREC – The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres. The workshop underscored the need to support digitalisation and data sharing in the renewable energy sector and discussed the incentives that may need to come from the public sector to stimulate it further.
    Download Smart4RES material
    Video recording
    Further material is available on EUREC website 
  • Wind Europe Electric City, Copenhagen, 23-25 November 2021 (ARMINES)
    As part of a forecasting session, Smart4RES results with a focus on wind power forecasting have been presented.
    Download ARMINES presentation
  • 38th European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition –  06-10 September 2021 (DLR)
    – DLR presented their improved hybrid solar irradiance nowcast method, combining all-sky imager and persistence-based nowcasts at the 38th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (Session ‘Forecasting Solar Radiation and PV Power’).
    Download DLR presentation
  • The 16th EDP New R&D session: “The power of AI for renewables”, 2021 – 21 July 2021 (EDP NEW, ARMINES and METEO FRANCE)
    – EDP New invited Armines and Météo France to discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence for renewables in the context of the Smart4RES project.
    Download EDP New presentation
    Watch the replay
  • The 14th IEEE PowerTech 2021 –  28 June to 02 July 2021 (DTU, ARMINES)
    – Monetizing Customer Load Data for an Energy Retailer: A Cooperative Game Approach.
    Read DTU preprint
    Watch the replay
    – Adaptive Generalized Logit-Normal Distributions for Wind Power Short-Term Forecasting.
    Read DTU preprint
    – A Value-Oriented Price Forecasting Approach to Optimize Trading of Renewable Generation.
    Read ARMINES preprint
  • The International Symposium on Forecasting (ISF), 2021 – 27 to 30 June 2021 (Armines)
    – A holistic approach for improving the renewable energy forecasting model and value chain – The Smart4RES project.
  • Wind Energy Science Conference 2021 – 25 to 28 May 2021 (ARMINES, INESC TEC, DTU)
    – Short-term trading of wind energy production using data-driven prescriptive optimization.
    Read the abstract
    – Research directions and results in the Smart4RES project for improving renewable energy forecasting.
    Download ARMINES presentation
    – Integration of wind energy uncertainty in predictive grid management: can we make it simple has been presented by INESC TEC.
    Download INESC TEC presentation
  • The 14th Energy Storage World Forum – 19 to 21 May 2021 (EDP NEW Energy and ARMINES)
    EDP New and ARMINES have been invited to present the Smart4RES approach during the 14th Energy Storage World Forum. Smart4RES partners presented how to Improve Forecasting And Decision-Aid Tools To Accurately Predict And Manage High Volumes Of Renewable Energy Generation.
    Download the presentation
  • EGU General Assembly 2021 – 30 April 2021 (ARMINES)
    Smart4RES: Improved weather modelling and forecasting dedicated to renewable energy applications, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-16219
    Download the slides
  • EGU General Assembly 2020
    The EGU General Assembly 2020 in the online format Sharing Geoscience Online was an exciting experiment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and a great success throughout the entire week.
    This online event was an occasion to present Smart4RES during the Energy Meteorology session, moderated by Gregor Giebel from DTU Wind.
    Download the abstract
    Download the presentation