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Experimentations aim to test and validate the Smart4RES modelling and forecasting tools under realistic operational conditions.

10 experimentations are performed, accordingly to the use case defined.
These experimentations include measurement instruments and/or real RES power plants, feeding the project with measurements used to fine-tune and validate the modelling and forecasting tools developed. Each experimentation has specific characteristics that meet the scientific objectives of the project.  Some of these experimentations will play the role of living labs in the framework of WP6, where the tools developed will be validated under real-world conditions.


NorthWest meteorological measurement network & PV plants


Network of PV plants at mid-west of France




RES plants at different areas in Europe

Various regions of continental Europe


Geographical smart islands with RES penetration above 60%


The island of Crete as reference case for forecasting

Crete, Greece

The island of Rhodes as living lab

Rhodes island, Greece


Stocare Project – Cobadin Wind Farm



Wind Float Atlantic



Very large PV 150 MWp plant



Offshore wind production in Belgium