Data science
for renewable
energy prediction

The project

Smart4RES is a European collaborative R&D project funded under the H2020 programme. It aims to substantially improve the entire model and value chain in renewable energy prediction by proposing the next generation of RES forecasting models, enabling an increase of at least 15% in RES forecas- ting performance.

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The consortium

Led by ARMINES, the project gathers 12 partners from 6 European countries, with a recognised leadership along the modelling and forecasting ecosystem.

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Concept & methodoly

A use case approach is adopted to describe Smart4RES requirements and to propose a common model for all configurations from the perspective of any Smart4RES tools‘ users.


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8 July 2020

News & Events

Smart4RES nominated for .eu Web Awards!

Support the development of new RES forecasting products for the EU energy transition by voting for Smart4RES under the “Laurels” category at this year’s .eu Web Awards. The “.eu Web Awards” are an online competition launched in 2014 by EURID (European Registry for Internet Domains), the non-profit organization designated by the European Commission for the registration of web names that operates the .eu level domain.

The awards are designed to recognize the best websites that use extensions .eu or. ею, and distinguish five different categories. The “Laurels” category is for websites that represent educational institutions, charitable organizations or pan-European projects. The finalists with the highest scores from the jury will be selected as winners, and will be announced during the Awards ceremony held in Brussels, Belgium on 18 November 2020. The winners of the five categories will receive a personalized trophy along with a certificate, a digital medal, a promotional video of their company and a two-month advertising campaign at the Brussels airport. To help spread the word of Smart4RES’s work and mission, please cast your vote on the .eu Web Awards website.