Data science
for renewable
energy prediction

The project

Smart4RES is a European collaborative R&D project funded under the H2020 programme. It aims to substantially improve the entire model and value chain in renewable energy prediction by proposing the next generation of RES forecasting models, enabling an increase of at least 15% in RES forecas- ting performance.

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The consortium

Led by ARMINES, the project gathers 12 partners from 6 European countries, with a recognised leadership along the modelling and forecasting ecosystem.

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Concept & methodology

A use case approach is adopted to describe Smart4RES requirements and to propose a common model for all configurations from the perspective of any Smart4RES tools‘ users.


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23 February 2022

News & Events

Discover our new Youtube channel – Smart4RES

The Smart4RES project is glad to invite you to discover our Youtube channel. You will find the Smart4RES consortium & conference presentations along with all our webinars. Many new exciting videos will be shared soon so don’t forget to suscribe and join the Smart4RES community!

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