WP3 aims to develop complementary approaches to blending information from multiple source of information and to propose novel approaches towards a seamless view of RES forecasting at various temporal and spatial granularity levels. We’ve had a quick chat with the WP leader, EMSYS, to get a better understanding of their approach.

Q. How do you proceed to improve Wind and PV forecasting using data-driven approaches?
What is so exciting about the data-driven approaches in this project is that we can play with a huge amount of data from wind turbines, solar plants, satellites, skycams and numerical weather models. We concentrate on the very-short time-scale, i.e. from the next minutes up to an hour. One example from the perspective of a solar plant: are any clouds approaching that can lead to massive fluctuations of the power output? To answer this important question more precisely than today we will put together images from skycams observing the clouds from the ground, satellite images looking from above and smart algorithms processing all the data.

More discussion will be held next year. Stay tuned!