To facilitate knowledge sharing among stakeholders of the energy system, Smart4RES launched its webinar series.
Setting-up the scene of the project, the Season 1 aims to present Smart4RES approach towards a new standard for the entire RES forecasting value chain.

The first webinar, hosted in June by ISGAN, introduced the project with a focus on the role of RES forecasting in future power system applications as well as on innovative weather and RES production forecasting to increase performance by 10-20%. The presentation can be downloaded here while the replay is available on Youtube

On December 17th, Smart4RES will present its second webinar Extracting value from data sharing for RES forecasting. Smart4RES aims at proposing and benchmarking novel approaches to optimise collaborative learning and forecasting while preserving privacy. As information and communication technologies continue to improve, collecting and extracting value from data will become cheaper and easier. Data sharing between different owners has a high potential to improve RES forecasting skill at different time horizons (e.g., hours-ahead, day-ahead) and consequently the revenue from electricity market players. However, economic incentives, trough data monetization, are fundamental to implement collaborative forecasting schemes since RES agents can be competitors, and therefore unwilling to share their confidential data without benefits.

In 2021, four episodes will complete this series of webinar, addressing the following topics:

  • Advanced weather forecasting for RES applications
  • Optimising participation of RES generation in electricity markets: new opportunities and the role of forecasting
  • Optimising the value of storage in power systems and electricity markets
  • Modelling tools for integrating RES forecasting in electrical grids

Stay tuned for more informations!