Join us in Paris on the 14th of April 2023 as we reach the end of the Smart4RES journey and discover the project’s main outcomes. 


Date: Friday, April 14th 2023 – 08:45 to 16.30 CET
Location: Comet Mettings – Bourse, 35 rue Saint-Marc, 75002 PARIS, France
The registration is free of charge but mandatory, as places are limited. 
Registration is closed. Contact in case of questions.





General theme

Smart4RES is a multi-disciplinary Horizon 2020 research project (11/2019-4/2023) that aims to significantly improve short-term forecasting of renewable energy sources (RES) production. It develops research over the whole model and value chain of RES forecasting with the objective not only to improve prediction accuracy, but also to increase resilience, robustness and simplicity of the model chain. The focus was on maximizing the value that can be extracted from available data and from the use of forecasts in applications for power system management and RES trading to the markets. This final conference will present in detail the results obtained as well as future R&D directions for RES forecasting. It targets in particular academics and industrials that deal with RES integration challenges in future energy systems.

Topics of the Conference:
• Weather modelling adapted to the energy sector
• Advances in RES forecasting
• Collaborative forecasting & data markets
• Optimal use of forecasts for power systems management & markets
• Challenges and R&D priorities for the future

Conference Agenda
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